Acrobat EP showcase

May 16, 2014 @ 8.00 pm
238 West End Lane
London NW6 1LG

acrobat_hiresThree band members from Acrobat live in Mill Lane so they have chosen to perform songs from their new EP and celebrate it’s launch on West End Lane.  They recently played with Traams at The Lexington and at the last Vice issue launch party at The Old Blue Last. So again, we have a nice opportunity not to have to cross town to see an up and coming band.

Their music delivers strong disco rhythms and powerful harmonies with influence from post-punk and 80’s disco.  Think Talking Heads and The Blockheads.  Acknowledging the influence of Post-Punk and 80’s disco, their music calls to mind New Wave acts such as The Blockheads and Talking Heads.

The 405 called their first single, Invincible ‘bold, assured and above all else, insanely infectious’ and NME likened their sounds to ‘Franz Ferdinand pulling shapes at the disco’.

Local band, local party, local gig – perfect after a long week at work!