Whampgather XIII

May 1, 2014 @ 6.30 pm – May 2, 2014 @ 12.00 am
The Gallery
190 Broadhurst Gardens
London NW6 3AY

May 1st
The Gallery
Broadhurst Gardens

Come and help me celebrate FIVE YEARS of @WHampstead.

It all began on April 30th 2009 with a tweet about a hairdressers. Nothing changes.

Now, five years and a day later – it’s the 13th edition of Whampgather. Get your mingle on, your party gear out, and your drinking elbow oiled. Read on for everything you need to know or, if you’re a #whampgather devotee, get your ticket right now.

Whampgather is the big party we hold for locals around three times a year. For this special birthday edition, we’re returning to The Gallery where we held the last one. We’re taking over the entire pub – upstairs and down – and I’m fully expecting this to be the biggest whampgather yet. (Read more).

Tickets get snapped up fast, so don’t linger. Put it in your diary right now. By all means bring friends and flatmates, but don’t just talk to them all night – you can do that any time. Go meet some new people!

There’ll be the charity raffle with the great prizes you’ve come to know and love (and sometimes win), we’ll have a cloakroom so you can come straight from work and dump your stuff, and the usual deals on drinks.

Live in West Hampstead? You need to come to whampgather. Whampgather is FREE, but because we have exclusive hire of the pub, you will need a ticket and they sell out, so I suggest you register pronto.

But I won’t know anyone? That’s sort of the point. With so many people there’s bound to be someone you’ll get on with. I know it can seem as if lots of people already know each other, but we all met at events like this. Everyone’s been a whampgather virgin at some stage – people are very welcoming and friendly so just dive in and say hi.

See you there!
Jonathan & the West Hampstead Life team