What have I missed since November 7th?

We bade farewell to Europe’s most, er, “flamboyant” politician and watched England’s boys in white prove that the best team doesn’t always win. But what made the headlines in West Hampstead last week?

First Capital Connect services were severely disrupted last Monday due to major signal failure around City Thameslink. Passengers flooded through West Hampstead to catch the tube. Refund info here.

There was a good turnout for Wednesday’s public meeting about the proposed 200-flat Ballymore development at 187-199 West End Lane. Look out for a blog from me this week on this topic. Meanwhile, Cllr Flick Rea wrote about general local developments, and Iverson Road in particular.

TfL is consulting over changes to Finchley Rd nightbuses.

Starting today, Danny Hewitt is the new temporary police sergeant for West Hampstead & Fortune Green’s Safer Neighbourhood Team. He will be in place for 4-5 months. Priorities in Fortune Green are residential burglary, drug dealing, Templar House & Cricklewood [which seems quite a broad priority!]

Meanwhile in West Hampstead, there are concerns that more benches on West End Lane could lead to more anti-social behaviour.

Residents around Mill Lane and some neighbouring roads combined forces to remove (painlessly) local foxes.

A restaurant application in Fairfax Road was turned down for very unusual reasons.

Whampgather went Stateside.

The mini-Christmas trees that adorn West End Lane were put in place

A fourth man has been charged in connection with the murder and attempted murder of two young men back in April.

Mill Lane Barbers joined Twitter.

There are increasing reports of front yards overflowing with recycling boxes and bags as well as with dustbin bags.

Volunteers are needed for the Christmas market on December 10th.

Abbey Road studios turned 80

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