Whampgather VI

Hard to believe this will be the sixth local get-together, but ’tis true. On Thursday April 14th, come along to The Lion on West End Lane from 8pm for a great night of catching up with old friends and making lots of new ones.

There are always plenty of new people at each event, so don’t be shy – just turn up and you’ll be surprised how quickly you get chatting to fellow locals. By all means bring your flatmates/partners/accountants for moral support or just to introduce them to the gang.

Am hoping to sort out a raffle with good local prizes, raising money for The Winch as well.

If you’re not sure whether a #whampgather is your thing, read up about previous ones – but trust me, it’s a diverse bunch of people and we don’t all sit around comparing iPhone apps. I don’t even have an iPhone.

Get local and join in.