Safer Neighbourhoods scam

I got forwarded this e-mail this morning by the (genuine) local Safer Neighbourhoods Team
“People are apparently being contacted over the phone by individuals claiming to be part of the local Safer Neighbourhoods initiative in this area. They state that as a result of recent break-ins they were sending a team around to check on people’s home security and were offering to fit, free of charge, certain home security devices. They said that the people coming to inspect were all ex-police officers.”
The police confirm this is absolutely nothing to do with them or any local Safer Neighbourhoods initiative. It’s unclear whether these are burglars looking to gain access to local properties or unscrupulous businesses selling security devices, but either way, please exercise extreme caution.
You can call the West Hampstead Safer Neighbourhood Team on 0208 721 2697 or go to the website