Where’s Wally in WHampstead?

It’s 25 years since Wally appeared on the pages of children’s book, leading to a generation of kids with strained eyesight and a Pavlovian reaction to anyone wearing a red-and-white striped hat.

In honour of this literary anniversary, West End Lane Books has organised a treat for Wally spotters young and old this weekend.

If you spot Wally in West Hampstead on Saturday afternoon then take a pic of him and tweet it (@WELBooks) or mail it () to the bookshop. The shop has Where’s Wally goodie bags crammed with stuff for kids, which will go to the best pictures (be warned, I may be involved in judging these!).

Bit old for a goodie bag, but still want some Where’s Wally action? West End Lane books is also offering a £25 book voucher for the best adult entry.