Retail oddity in Fortune Green

Those damn supermarkets crowding out the little guys. Am I right? Well, that’s the received wisdom and it’s held true on West End Lane where the arrival of Tesco and then Sainsbury’s killed off Best One (literally as that was where Sainsbury’s moved into), Atlanta Food & Wine, and one of the newsagents.

So, it’s more than a little strange that Best One is making a comeback. No more than 100 yards from Tesco on Fortune Green Road.

The scooter garage on the corner of Burrard Road, which closed recently, could become a new mini-mart if Camden approves its 6am-midnight alcohol licence.

The original Best One before Sainsbury’s moved in
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  • Anonymous

    And in a turn of the Karminc wheel, a new scooter shop is opening opposite them.

  • Anonymous

    I live in the area. Am not impressed by either of these developments!

  • @Marciamac

    Best One was never …um…best, but I would go there before giving Tesco any of my money, and not impressed with Sainsbury Local, either. Only ever have things in large quantities – fruit and veg in packs of twos; cream and yoghurt not available in small pots; etc etc.