Physical evidence of a broken community?

It would seem like a blatant act of vandalism. Smashing the glass on the newish community centre notice board is just mindless.

Adam Barnard noticed it on Monday and took this photo:

Smashing the glass, ok… taking the various flyers? How keen are these people on attending the next WI meeting or going to fathers and toddlers groups?

Yes, yes, I know… it’s more likely that library staff simply removed the posters for safekeeping while the glass was replaced.

Which didn’t take long. Yesterday, Adam took this photo:

All present and correct. Lets hope the vandalism was a one-off. Nothing says “broken community” than literally breaking the community notice board.

  • Anonymous

    It could have been an accident.. (/optimism)

  • Anonymous

    I noticed a bunch of bums in the area over past couple of days. Am just saying…

  • Anonymous

    it's probably those revellers coming out of the lower ground bar on thursday/friday/saturday night. there have been a few fights at 2/3am in the morning…NOT impressed – camden should also look at the late night licensing as well as car parking fines!

  • Anonymous

    I noticed the glass broken before Adam took the initial picture. Only half of it was shattered and half of the posters had disappeared!

    Nadia @mish3adel

  • Anonymous

    west hampstead is a dump nowadays

    • Anonymous

      Lets hope that's reflected in the property prices very soon… the way they're going anyone would think it was an area on the up-and-up

    • Anonymous

      Quality of mill lane shops now higher than those on west end lane – who would've thunk that would ever be the case?

  • Anonymous

    3 things i’ve noticed about west hampstead after moving back here after 5 year absence.

    1) beggars – sick of getting asked for money every time i walk up/down west end lane. Never once happened when i stayed here before.

    2)Rubbish – everywhere

    3) Roadworks on west end lane are a constant presence.

    also, chains are ruining the place. The sainsbury’s is not only a crap shop but also, the rubbish round the corner from it and the beggars hanging about outside it.

    bye bye w hampstead.

    • I wonder what you’d notice about other parts of London?
      1) I can’t say i’ve noticed it get better or worse in the 15 years I’ve lived here;
      2) yes, massive problem over the past few weeks particularly as Camden’s contractors seem to be unfathomably struggling to cope with the new system. Hopefully will be sorted soon.
      3) Yep, that’s the price of London’s Victorian infrastructure. West Hampstead is no more immune than anywhere else – the problem is perhaps less the roadworks, which are hardly new, and more the increase in traffic.
      As for the chains – opinion is divided as to their benefits, with plenty of people using them and enjoying the convenience, while others bemoan their impact on the high street. All you can do if you’re in the latter camp is vote with your wallet and use the independent shops, or the larger supermarkets in Kilburn or Finchley Road