Favourite Christmas scenes from TV this year

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It may be too early to think about Christmas for a lot of you, but we’ve already chosen our favourite festive scenes for 2013. That’s right, we’ve watched them all a few times, shed a tear, laughed out loud, got choked up, and totally got hyped up for Christmas.

The Christmas TV scene is a massive milestone; while people moan that it’s way too early and they don’t want to begin thinking about preparations, some of the big brands and TV clips are dictating this for you. When you see the Coca Cola truck for example, Christmas is here. This is the point of no return.

The companies are so competitively trying to create the biggest emotional connection with the audience that their scenes are created by movie directors, cost millions and end up looking cinematically brilliant. So sit back with a mulled wine in your Christmas jumper and embrace our top Christmas ads to look out for this Christmas.

Sainsbury’s crowd-sourced documentary
This year Sainsbury’s have gone above and beyond the call of duty and created a full-length feature film. The have teamed up with Academy Award winning director Kevin Macdonald to create Sainsbury’s Christmas in a Day: a documentary following the lives of British people on Christmas Day 2012.

Macdonald called on the public to film their day, from the extraordinary though to the ordinary, to make this honest, funny and emotional film. The Sainsbury’s film teasers are trailers for the full-length feature, which will be released on November 29th online. The snippet of other people’s lives on this unique day of the year shows what is really important to us all: family and friends (and the Christmas spreadsheet). Stock up on tissues, and watch the video now.

Sky Magical Moments advert
Sky have released a series of adverts this Christmas all centring on their ‘magical moments’ tagline. The airport, family and love storylines are all set to the beautifully evocative piano composition by Jonathan Goldstein.

Watch as aeroplanes are delayed, lustful eyes meet across a crowded room only to be rejected, and a teenage daughter feels left out of family festivities. Then witness the moving moments that bring everyone back together at the end with a few Sky Movies playing in the background. This tugs at the heartstrings throughout, making it a winner in our eyes.

Boots secret gift bringer
There’s always something touching about a determined gift-giver. We all fell in love with the small boy in John Lewis’s 2011 advert, ‘The Long Wait’, who couldn’t handle the wait to give his parents their present. And in this Boots advert it’s no different.

We watch a moody hooded teenager storm out of the house, only to run around the snowy streets giving anonymous gifts to unexpected recipients.

He hides behind walls and hedges as he leaves gifts on doorsteps and watches for a reaction. Giving reasons for the gift such as: ‘because you looked after my Nan’ and ‘because you helped me get a B in Maths’, you can’t help but love the cheeky chap.

And with a great upbeat soundtrack of Bronski Beat’s Smalltown Boy, you may feel more of a warm tingle than choked up emotion, but it certainly does the job of bringing festive cheer.

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