Tom’s Big Bombay Night(s) Out

I’ll eat a nice, hot curry anytime, including on a humid summer evening. So, to Bombay Nights in Fortune Green for some more local eating adventures…

First to note, the website could be confusing, especially for those travelling on (or perhaps avoiding) the Northern Line: “Welcome to Morden Indian Cuisine,Westhampstead,London.”

Best dish was a mutter paneer variant, which was quite addictive and lively, with a decent, tangy sauce and cheerful cheese cubes. Sag paneer also pleasing.

"Cheerful cheese" seen poking merrily out of the sauce

“Cheerful cheese” seen poking merrily out of the sauce

The paratha was well made; buttery, flaky and fresh. A veg curry was a little underwhelming though; rather simple, a touch bland, and  lacking a variety of vegetables (pretty much cabbage, neat little carrots, and peas). Quite enjoyable all the same, and with a nice touch of fresh spring onion scattered on top. I was somewhat confused by ‘cooked in plum tomatoes’ describing the dish, as these seemed absent, though perhaps they were blended within the orange-coloured sauce (which didn’t seem tomatoey to me).


Bombay’s service was warm, but alas so was the house “Champagne”. It was decent to be informed that they didn’t have any cold ones left, and with the next option being twice the price, we were offered a £5 discount if we did decide to upgrade our choice. I tried to haggle for this offer on the original bottle, accompanied by an ice bucket, but settled for a £2 reduction instead.

There are some lovely sounding dishes, and I’ll likely be back, but I’ll be hoping they up the ante a few notches if I’m to be regularly dissuaded from lazing about at home with a Tiffin Tin.