Tom has a Moment

“Hmmm, shall I be healthy and have a salad?” I mused, knowing full well I would also be ordering a bowl of fries… “salad’s a bit dull on a cold afternoon, but this array of ingredients looks nice, especially the addition of mint, parsley and radish.”

So it was to my considerable dismay that my salad (and huge bowl of chips) duly arrived, minus any trace of those last two items..

I’ve never understood this irritatingly common problem; if you order something off a menu, it stands to reason that you like the description, and therefore would expect everything listed to be present? Is it careless forgetfulness, or laziness in re-stocking ingredients that can be located a few doors away at the greengrocers? How about I “forget” to pay the full amount?

The fries were pleasing, and a bagel appeared which actually wasn’t expected – though some butter would have been good. I did manage (yet again – I am so ingenious) to invent a new dish – folded semi-bagel chip butties. Patent applied for.

I like Moment; the staff are warm, there’s a nice selection of cakes, and if I ask for a latte which is actually hot (I know – such a strange request – well, apparently so judging by most places), they deliver. But I’m now a little put off my original intention of working my way through some other options on their interesting, varied menu. I guess I’m due another visit to the splendid Lena’s Café 2 – so perhaps my salad adventures will continue there next time.

The lesson to be learned here is clear; in depressing, Wintery weather, don’t faff about – source a pie and some mulled wine, and leave the healthy rubbish for new year resolutions.

Happy Christmas everyone!