The well heeled of West Hampstead

Rumour has it that summer might finally have reached North West London. The BBC predicts sunshine and temperatures of 20C and upwards this week, and I even spied a few summer dresses and pairs of shorts at the farmers’ market yesterday.

Of course my first thought was for the horrendous state of my feet (shallow – moi?). Having been encased in thick socks, tights and boots for what feels like the past five years, I was rather… podiatrically challenged, shall we say. Not what the people of West Hampstead want to see while sipping their macchiatos on West End Lane.

Haunted by visions of being politely turned away from the Wet Fish Café or laughed out of The Gallery on account of my unkempt hooves, I went to Be Lush, the new-ish beauty salon on Broadhurst Gardens, whose spa pedicure is a rather reasonable £25. If you’re based at the other end of West Hampstead then you could try Nail Suite on West End Lane, which will set you back £31, or Beauty Blossom on Mill Lane for £28.

But enough about you. Just under an hour after setting foot in Be Lush, I walked out with my feet buffed, soaked, exfoliated, moisturised and polished to perfection thanks to the very lovely Rinku. Finally, I can show my face – and feet – on the streets of West Hampstead this summer.