Whampgather – Five days to go

Good #whampgather news. The Alice House has generously agreed to give a free cocktail to the first 15 er… Whampgatherers. So I hope this entices the alcoholic-minded among you to drop by (I know there are some followers who are partial to a drink or two).

We have the sofa area reserved from 7.30pm on Monday October 12th. That’s “next Monday evening” for those of you working in analogue. Would be great to see as many of you there as possible. The bigger the turnout, the easier it will be to make the next one (pre-Christmas anyone?) even better. I’m looking forward to putting faces to avatars although I shall be disguised as a giant London Underground sign for the entire evening.

Don’t forget that as well as a free cocktail for the early arrivals, there’ll also be the chance to win an NW6-branded item of clothing from the lovely people at I Love My Postcode. To stand a chance of winning you need to come up with a better name than “whampgather”. I’ll choose the anonymous winner on the night – you have to be there to enter. If all your ideas are terrible then I’ll pick a random winner out of the hat 🙂

After starting @WHampstead five months ago, I’m chuffed that there’s something of a sense of community among the people who follow along. Hopefully you enjoy the mix of the informative and the banal, which – as West Hampstead’s most famous Twit Stephen Fry reminds us – is really what Twitter is all about. Stephen hasn’t confirmed his attendance I’m afraid. If anyone bumps into him over the next few days, do invite him along.

That’s it fellow Whampsteaders. Except to say a big thanks to @DJStoney, who has worked tirelessly – often going without food or water for days, he tells me – to secure us the venue and cocktails.

See you on Monday!