Whampgather Oct 12 – Let the Countdown Commence

OK everyone, don’t say I do nothing for you. Apart from telling you every weekend that the Jubilee Line is down, I now have prizes!! Well, a prize. But hey. Lets not get greedy now

If you make it to #whampgather (and I hope lots of you do because I think it would be great to turn an online community into something more tangible), then you’re in with a shout of a prize!

The lovely people at http://www.ilovemypostcode.com/ (and by lovely, I mean “Rachel”), have agreed to donate an NW6 item of clothing to #whampgather.

“But wait,” I hear you ask. “How do I get my hands on this marvellous merchandise?”

Good question.

I’m going to run a small competition on the night of #whampgather. I’m looking for a sexier name for #whampgather than “whampgather”. It’s got to be shortish as it needs to fit into a tweet easily, but I’m sure y’all can do better than me. Anyway, on the night we’ll have a competition. I’ll pick the best suggestion and the winner can choose any NW6-branded T-shirt or vest or (apparently) pants! from the Ilovemypostcode site.

In return for Rachel’s generosity, she’s asked that we answer a few questions for her postcode blog.

So, get your thinking caps on and send me your answers to the following (and remember this is for ALL of NW6, not just West Hampstead – although whether there’s really life beyond West Hampstead is still up for debate in my book).

The I Love My Postcode blog questions (see http://www.ilovemypostcode.com/blog/ to get you started:
What’s the best thing to eat in your postcode?
What’s the best smell in your postcode?
I have 3 hours in your postcode. What do I do?
If your postcode wasn’t in London, where would it be?
What’s the best thing in your postcode?
Talk dirty to your postcode. Go on… what would you say?
Best bus route in your postcode. Where does it start and where does it take you?
Has anyone written a book about/set in your postcode?
Have you seen your postcode in a film or on tv?
Trading up or trading down?

Post responses as comments below, or tweet me, or just bring ’em along on the night. We might be more creative after a drink or two!

Talking of which, I know the venue is still unknown. This is being worked on! Fear not, we won’t have to resort to sitting around Fortune Green with cans of Special Brew although now I think about it…