Decision time in Hampstead & Kilburn

So, here we are at last. Election day in Hampstead & Kilburn.

It’s been fun covering the campaign in my own small way over the past few weeks, but very soon all the bickering, sniping, politicking and – dear god – leafleting will be over.

I have tried to remain impartial. Indeed, I only finally made my mind up a few days ago as to who would get my vote. I’ve never been a floating voter before – it was rather disconcerting. Some of you will have an idea of my intentions. Many may have the wrong idea, and hopefully some of you have no idea at all. It doesn’t matter anyway.

Whether you are casting your vote for Gene, Beatrix, Ed, Glenda, Victoria, Magnus, Tamsin or Chris, do please vote. It matters. We are in a tight seat in a tight national election. I personally believe that in this constituency, tactical voting is too hard to judge.

I am voting for what I believe in. I urge you to do the same.

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  • Nas

    Firstly, I’ve really enjoyed your take on everything and I’ve been kept more up to date than ever before with elections. So thanks!

    I voted this morning. Like you I voted for what I believe in.
    I’ve found the whole campaign process quite frustrating, why bother with an election at all if the only way to vote is tactically. How about we save a few trees and just switch the government every few years?

    Regardless of the outcome, I will sleep well knowing I voted the way I wanted to. I hope others do too.