Charitable thoughts

Cancer Research UK is looking to form a fundraising group in this area but needs your help. As a Fundraising Group, you would decide to organise what fundraising events you want, how often you want them and you will be supported by Cancer Research UK every step of the way. It might be a gala ball, a dog walk, an abseil, a quiz night, a bike ride event, a golf day or a lunch party – whatever it is, it can be a great way to have some fun while raising money to fight cancer.

If you would like to get involved, or find out more details please contact Sophie at ku.gr1516303289o.rec1516303289nac@n1516303289osliw1516303289.eihp1516303289os1516303289 or visit the website.

  • Anonymous

    The establishment cancer charities will just suck your money into their bottomless pit. There are lots of alternative cures for cancer out there but they are being suppressed by Big Pharma who make billions from sick and dying people.
    Don’t give to cancer charities.
    Research cures such as hemp.
    Change your diet and your lifestyle.
    Protest against GM foods.
    Eat organic.
    Wake up!

  • Anonymous

    Watch this video for one alternative to the establishment "cures" that are killing you.
    Why is it that most doctors would refuse chemotherapy if they get cancer?