Bin there, dump that

No question what the story of the week has been in West Hampstead. For once, I was scooped by the local press and wondered why the Camden New Journal was exhorting me to to turn to page 3.

The answer: Bin Cam.

You can read the full story, or go straight to the Bin Cam website, where William Robertson posts (very) frequent photos and videos of the Camden council bin that sits on Fawley Road by the side of Sainsbury’s.

Robertson had got fed up of people fly-tipping around the bin, so has decided to keep a record of the comings and goings on the street. Inevitably this means capturing all sorts of other incidents, such as a woman falling over, and a man taking a leak. 

My personal favourite part of the site is the BinCon level widget (based on the US military’s Defcon settings).

The serious idea behind all this is to show Camden that it might want to increase the frequency of emptying the bin. It will be interesting to see if it works.

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  • Hmm amusing site, but he must have a lot of time on his hands! lol

  • Anonymous

    Im actually a bit miffed that he is SPYING on residents and people of the area passing by. I dont find this amusing at all and do not like the idea of BIG BROTHER SPY CAMS – This is completley OUT OF ORDER! – Can i not walk in my own area now and feel free to scratch my bum – or fall over (joke made) without it being in privacy. I already feel alot of pressure in work to be “on alert” why cant i walk round West Hampstead now when i get home and just chillax in my slacks without feeling im being watched. Im not a fly tipper, but i want to wander without being spyed on!!!! VERY ANGRY AT THIS INDEED! – If its a problem, get a few signatures from the neighbours and local residents, take a few camera still of the rubbish and put forth your case which will be dealt with accordingly. Dont spy on West Hampstead Residents – This is a massive breech of trust – This guy should get a JOB!

  • Tim

    @ Anonymous – Spying.. Big Brother… very angry (so angry you put it in CAPITALS!)… I mean, seriously? Aren’t there more important things to get angry about? How about being angry with the antisocial behaviour of those of provoked this site in the first place? Who wants to live above all that mess? In fact, while we’re at it, chuck in litter bugs and people who let their dogs foul the street. Name and shame them all, I say! Rather than attack him, I applaud him for drawing our collective attention to a important social problem in a humorous and inventive way.

  • Oil Monster

    Spying?? Anonymous, you must have one serious paranoia complex. He’s making the effort to try and sort out an ongoing problem which the council should be addressing, not just here but all over the borough.

    The problem with crazy anti-camera types like you, “anonymous”, is that you assume every camera out there exists for the purpose of looking at YOU!

    It’s about time the debate about cameras in general was split between (a) the good they do and (b) any improper use by the authorities. Just because (b) sometimes exists does not mean we shouldn’t use cameras for their obvious benefits – especially regarding crime and ASB.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    lol………. And Tim and Oil Monster… Are you the same guy who owns this site??, the same guy that writes about the camera in the third party but who is the actual guy who also owns the spy camera??? who is the one also commenting on laughing at the expense of people who have fallen down in the street – but is doing it for the good of all??? mmnnnn…. Busy body! Im going to make a complaint about this so called camera spying on innocent folk. This is outragous!

  • Anonymous
  • Tim
  • @Anonymous. I'm truly sorry you feel that way about BinCam. Footage of people scratching their bums whilst chillaxing in their slacks isn't really the point of BinCam though. Thanks for the positive comments Tim and Oil Monster, I'm really glad you get it.

  • Camden council is an absolute joke at the moment. People that answer the phone barely speak english, they put up millions of needless lamposts in the middle of the pavement. Leave paving slabs uneven and broken, take away the recycling bins (not in a good way). Really annoying me