Tom enjoys sardines at Sirous

Always a pleasure to wander into Sirous on a lazy Sunday afternoon, especially when the intention is to eat and drink something from its varied and interesting menu. I have been known to scowl angrily at people who’ve already pinched all the comfortable, red leather sofa spaces, which is quite reasonable behaviour I think – but on my most recent visit I was in luck.

I enjoyed grilled sardines, with an immensely satisfying bowl of potato skins; crisp, yet with an oiliness ideal for combating hangovers. The guacamole was great too, and I enthusiastically alternated this with tomato ketchup, rather like a girl out shopping trying on two different pairs of shoes over and over again.

Sirous’ house red is a Crianza; I used to think “vanilla cream” descriptions were bandied about too often and sometimes a little bit silly – but this is a wine that fits the description. Really lovely stuff. I’ll be very happy to share a whole bottle with myself sometime soon. 

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