New deli on Kilburn High Road

A couple of people had alerted me to the opening of Belvedere Traditional, so roving reporter Kate popped in to see what the fuss was about:

“The gentrification of Kilburn High Road has officially begun with the opening of an artisan delicatessen opposite Sainsbury’s Local [north end of Kilburn]. Belvedere Traditional sells organic and homemade food, including a comprehensive selection of cured meats, dairy products, preserved fruit and vegetables, pickles and jam, and fresh bread. Polish delicacies are the other order of the day along with fresh pasta, a small selection of fruit and veg, and the usual high-end dried goods. The owner is looking to expand the range on offer and suggestions are welcome: a request for humous was met with ‘maybe in the future’.

There is also a small café area on a mezzanine floor where customers can enjoy a quick brew and sandwich or one of the freshly baked pastries on offer. Prices are higher than the average KHR deli but lower than they’d be on West End Lane – and it’s open 7 days a week.”

Opening right opposite Sainsbury’s could be foolish or inspired – I look forward to checking out some Polish pickles next time I’m down that end of Kilburn.

  • Anonymous

    This looks just the sort of place I might stumble into after a drunken BBQ somewhere in Kilburn.

  • Todderick Botfundler

    Excellent! May the gentrification continue. Sometimes it feels like I am gentrifying Kilburn all on my own, but not any more!

  • I can now officially announce that as of today we have humous on the menu which has been aptly named "Kates Humous" May I also add that it was hand made by a chef who works for a well known Casino in London especially for us 🙂

  • Daniel

    I love the chilli marinated olives from that shop!

  • Anonymous

    What a welcome addition to that part of the high street! I can't wait to try it out. It's really apparent now that Kilburn is gentrifying, property prices have shot up over the past couple of years and more and more money is coming into the area. Let's hope that more places like this one are on their way!

  • Charlie

    We live above this place and it's a staple part of my week to pop in and have the ridiculously tasty Steak Sandwich with all the trimmings. Incredibly friendly staff who will cater to your every need. Including helping me out once when i got locked out! Love them

  • Anonymous

    Belvedere Traditional has been keeping us fed for weeks now. Why cook at home when you can get food here? Roast lamb & potatoes, roast duck legs, cottage pie, the best spag bol & chunky soups to die for. Something new home cooked each day.
    Great food, great prices, great portions & great service. I can't recommend this place enough!