Fortune Green needs PR help

You might not think it after the great turnout for the outdoor screening this week, but the Friends of Fortune Green is after some help. Maybe you’ve got the skills they need?

FoFg is looking for someone to help it on the PR and communications side. It’s FoFG’s weakest link. Specifically, we need help building and updating a simple website and help with newsletters (striking the right balance between getting information out to the public without swamping them). We also need to keep our logo and image coherent and are interested in dipping our toes into the world of Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. On top of all this, a willingness to help out at action days every now and then (e.g. weeding and litterpicking) would be greatly appreciated. The PR/comms person could also join our effective committee meetings (one evening a month) although this may not be essential. Perhaps attending a couple of meetings would be good, just to determine the best way of working.

If you’re interested, please send an e-mail to .