Treasure Hunt – The Adventure Begins…

As this Thursday’s #whampgather is Whampgather X (still can’t quite believe I’m on the tenth edition), I thought I’d do something a little different in the build-up to keep you all excited. So, X marks the spot for the inaugural #whamptreasurehunt. Ooh-arrr, my whamphearties. (I shall never ever say that again).

How it works
Below, you’ll see the first clue, which is to a location in West Hampstead. Go there, scout around, and you’ll find the second clue. I recommend snapping it with your phone, or at least writing it down – you can’t take it away with you! Each clue will lead you to the next one. There are six locations in total. Crucially, you need to note down the two letters that are at the bottom of each clue you find. Get all the letters from all the clues and rearrange them to make a relevant phrase – this is your password to open the treasure chest.

On the night of whampgather drop the password in a box at The Alliance, or in advance if you’re not coming to whampgather. Assuming more than one person a) enters and b) gets it right, I’ll draw two winners on the night. You don’t have to be there to win, but obviously please leave contact details on your entry. The prizes are a couple of (nice) books.

A few tips
The clues vary from the cryptic to the straightforward. You’ll almost certainly need to use Google, and you may want to use a map. All are solvable without too much effort apart, perhaps, from one tricky one! Once you’ve solved the clue and get to the location, you may need to hunt a bit for the clue itself – I’ve tried to put them in places that aren’t too obvious so there’s less risk of them being removed. Each clue is on a laminated piece of pink card with orange paper and black text. Once you’ve found the first one you’ll recognise the others quickly. I will check them during the course of the week in case any have been removed – if you are convinced that you’ve got the right place and just can’t find the clue, e-mail me and tell me and I’ll try and investigate asap, but do look thoroughly.

By all means tweet about your progress generically, but obviously I’d appreciate it if you didn’t publicly announce the solutions to the clues – kinda defeats the object (and I may make some last-minute changes if that happens!!).

Clue #1
(no anagram letters at the bottom of this one, they start with your first clue “in the field”).

Where the Beatles heard Ono, long before Yoko or Eno

Work out where that is and you’re on your way to victory!