Two accidents on West End Lane

Yesterday was topped and tailed by two road traffic accidents at either end of West End Lane.

In the morning there was a collision involving a police car at the junction with Dynham Road (right by where the fatal car accident was last month).

Photo via Tim Blackwell
Photo via Chris Padfield
(I’m intrigued as to how that van parked in the driveway behind in the meantime)

According to local resident Yiannis Assiotis, the police car was heading north up West End Lane with its sirens on when it hit the Toyota, which appears to have been turning out of Dynham Road. The police officers got out of the car and helped the driver of the other car out from the passenger seat as the driver’s door was blocked by the police car. Yiannis reported that everyone seemed to be in one piece.

The VW you can see next to the bus was apparently already parked there. One reader, reported that when he walked past at 7am, it seemed to have been abandoned having hit the wall and badly dented the left front wing. Had the police car had to swerve to avoid it?

Camden police’s twitter account simply told me “A police car was involved in a minor collision with another vehicle… There were no injuries”

At around 6pm, a man appears to have been knocked down at the zebra crossing by Hidden Treasure at the northern end of West End Lane. Locals reported that it was just over an hour before an ambulance turned up although the man was being looked after by police officers and firemen. He was eventually taken away in an ambulance.

This time, @MPSCamden told me “officers attended an RTC [road traffic collision]… one male was taken to hospital with minor injuries.” I don’t know whether anyone has been charged.

Photo via Joseph Knight

If I hear more on either story I’ll be sure to keep you posted

  • Interesting that the ambulance took an hour. Same happened to me a couple of weeks ago when I found and 84 year old lady collapsed on the pavement outside my home. 999 operator came to the conclusion that we did not need an ambulance as she was conscious and talking. When I rang back 30 mins later they gave in and said OK we will send one then. I pointed out that having an 84 year old on the pavement with a suspected broken hip and blood coming from her cuts was not yet an emergency but it was likely to become one in a few hours as she was stuck where she was. Best conclusion from above would be that the man was not critically injured.

    • Yes, this is certainly the most likely (and optimistic) conclusion, especially given that there were plenty of other first responders there. The LAS has been reporting particularly high demand over the past week or so anyway, I guess they simply have to prioritise.

  • You know what. An old lady collapsed on Finchley Road last week up at the Marks and Spencer’s Swiss Cottage end. It was below freezing and she waited an hour for an Ambulance; in the end marks and spencer found a wheelchair and took her into the store… She said she was freezing cold and is still to date in the Royal Free hospital… Is this acceptable? In the last week it seems, three accidents I have heard of, each person is waiting more than an hour for an ambulance!!!!!! please god; I hope nothing happens to me or my family…. What happened to the golden 10 mins… Basically if its serious you can safely know its bye bye world!!!! Our wonderful NHS service is almost fully down the pan 🙁