Cake and consultation for Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day this Friday – arguments aside about whether 50% of the population should probably get more than 1/365th of the days – it’s a day that highlights inequality at both global and local levels.

West End Lane solicitors, Karina Leapman & Co. are supporting Oxfam to raise funds on the day:

“On 8 March, we are selling home made baked goods from outside West End Lane Books on 277 West End Lane and handing out vouchers for 20 minute consultations with a family law solicitor for a minimum donation of £20 towards this cause between 11 and 22 March 2013 (for a limited number of people.)

Millions of women and children live in poverty, where hard work is not enough. We want to take some time to remember these women and help them empower themselves to come out of poverty, receive healthcare, education and food. Surely these are birth rights!

Come and join us, buy a snack for your coffee and make a donation.”

Read more about Oxfam’s “Let’s Get Together” campaign.