Property of the Month: June

Welcome to a new sponsored feature of West Hampstead Life. Each month, Benham & Reeves will  showcase a property for sale in the West Hampstead area. This month it’s a Broadhurst Gardens two-floor three-bedroom maisonette with access to the communal meadow behind the block.

Broadhurst Gardens, South Hampstead, NW6
£1,275,000 Sole Agent

A beautifully presented three bedroom upper maisonette arranged over the top two floors of a charming period home on one of South Hampstead’s premier roads. The apartment offers stylish and flexible living space, high ceilings throughout and a wonderful reception room with spectacular views of the communal meadow below. The property is perfectly located for the numerous cafes, boutiques and transport links of both Finchley Road and West Hampstead.

3 Bedrooms * En Suite Shower Room * Family Bathroom * Reception Room * Kitchen * Balcony * Communal Meadow * Residents Parking Zone

West Hampstead Sales Office | 020 7644 9300
106 West End Lane London NW6 2LS | Email: ku.oc1511448694.r-b@1511448694selas1511448694

Sponsored feature

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  • Anonymous

    The world truely has gone mad.

  • Anonymous

    Conveniently located for poncing about like a prat in local cafes and restaurants.

  • Anonymous

    Blog material? i think not

    • As I say at the top (and bottom), it's a sponsored post. If you'd like to pay for the running of this site then please let me know and I'll happily take your money. As an aside, the post has already proved very popular. Plenty of people are interested in property, even if it is over the £1m mark.

  • Anonymous

    Clearly a nerve has been struck. Very simply, it doesn’t belong in the core part of your blog – the top right section of your blog seems to be the space for sponsors – notwithstanding the fact you already have a section underneath your banner highlighting property and regular commentary from that same estate agent (unless the advert now replaces the article?). Point being you could’ve tried being a bit more imaginative about where to put the B&R advert without compromising the integrity of the blog (which normally is really good!)

    • We’ll have to agree to disagree. Plenty of websites (eg Londonist) take sponsored posts. It’s one way that we can fund the site. I’m pleased you normally find the site really good – but bear in mind that it’s free to the end-user. I actually reject an awful lot of requests for sponsored posts or adverts because i don’t think the advertiser adds any value to the site or has no local presence. Property is a huge topic of interest locally, and with sponsored posts taking up less than 10% of blog space I don’t think it’s encroaching too much on other content. I think extremely carefully about the integrity of the website, but I also invest an awful lot of my time in it for very little financial return. Would you prefer a site cluttered with low-interest irrelevant ads? Personally I’m happier to work with sponsors who respect that I want interesting and relevant content.

    • Anonymous

      Yep – lets agree to disagree. As an end user of your blog, I'd prefer seeing just the monthly property article from Benham & Reeves which adds value by giving perspective on local property trends (and arguably also serves the function as a sponsored advertisement). ie, best of both worlds…

    • The property news articles will be returning from next month

  • To the Anonymous poster whose comment I've deleted, happy to answer your questions via e-mail. My contact details are on the site.

  • Anonymous

    WOW! I can’t believe you deleted my post because you don’t like the truth. If you had nothing to hide, you wouldn’t have a problem with people reading my comments and you would reply in public rather than asking to be contacted in secrecy by email.

    The fact that you deleted my comments proves that you can’t even justify the advertising to yourself, let alone others. If you genuinely believed that you had done nothing wrong, you would be happy to explain yourself in public.

    So where does all the money go when the site only costs £10 per year to run (for the domain name, the hosting is provided free by Blogger)? I’m sure B&R and paying you well and then there’s the other advertisers like Zipcar etc.

    It’s fine that you want to make money but please just stop trying to hide the fact!

  • I deleted your post because it was defamatory. I have absolutely nothing to hide, and I'm happy to explain it to you via e-mail, but I have no plans to carry on an exchange with Anonymous about this. If you're actually interested in my answer then I'll have the conversation with you.

  • Tim

    Anonymous mocks YOU about secrecy? oh the irony!