Police chase has fatal conclusion

The first reports on Twitter were of a trespasser on the tracks, causing delays to the Metropolitan Line and then the Jubilee Line, and then services out of Marylebone, which all indicated it was around this part of London. Add in police helicopters over Kilburn and it seemed clear that something major had happened.

Around 4.30pm, police officers stopped a man in Christchurch Avenue, Willesden Green who they believed him to be in possession of drugs. The man broke away from the two officers and escaped on foot. Both officers followed on foot.

The man was pursued and observed from a distance for around 40 minutes, during which time he was seen to run into gardens, climb over fences and go onto railway lines.

At 5.12pm, the man was hit by a train on the line near Dartmouth Road, Willesden. The man, believed to be in his 20s, was pronounced dead at the scene. Officers await formal identification and confirmation that next of kin have been informed. A post-mortem examination will be arranged in due course.

  • Anonymous

    I was coming out of the tube station when the man broke away. Two schoolkids in uniform told me he had been smoking a joint when stopped. The police chased him up Christchurch Avenue and right into Chatsworth. That's all I saw. I believe the coppers were in plainclothes.
    Kilburn Desso.

    • Anonymous

      If this is true, I cant believe a man ended up dead just for smoking a spliff. So sad – his poor family

      • Yeah.SheRight

        This is the society we live in.

  • Anonymous

    Sad, but entirely his own fault. Why run away risking your life for some minor drugs possession charge – he would probably only have got a caution or something. A Darwin Award candidate?