Tweet of the Year: We have a winner

Congratulations to Corinne Gladstone and Nicky Coleman, who can now add the letters TOTY and POTY to their signatures.

Quiet in the back row.

Here are the top 10 tweets of the year in descending order of greatness, as voted for by you. Corinne’s won comfortably in the end, with a whopping 29% of the vote ahead of Amy’s on 21%.

Onto the photos

Nicky’s photo of Camden’s parking enforcement car itself parked outside a marked bay, came from behind to win by an absolute canter, garnering more than 100 votes – more than a third of the total. It was a close-run thing between pre-race favourite, the Dylan’s pigeon, and the early frontrunner of the Tartan army.

Here are the top 10 photos:

Sun setting at the end of my street!



I’ll be contacting Corinne and Nicky to arrange for them to collect their prizes, although it’s really the accolade that’s the true trophy!

Thanks to everyone who voted and to all of you for keeping Twitter a fun place to hang out. Let see who’ll be the first Tweet of the Week in this weekend’s newsletter.