Adios to businesses on one block of West End Lane

The rapid rise of the West Hampstead Square towers is the most visible sign of change in the neighbourhood, but the retail landscape is changing fast too. Foxtons in, Mamacita and Social out, Holistic… no-one seems quite sure.

Most of the changes are happening on the strip of West End Lane bookended by Tesco and Sainsbury. Clothes shop Social closed its doors for the last time on Monday after 10 years.


Next door to Social, hair salon Holistic has been told it may also have to close and find new premises. Hakki, the manager at Holistic, said that the landlord, who also owns Social’s premises, has a potential tenant interested in taking both units and turning them into one large double shop (the unconfirmed rumour is that this might be a chain bakery). However, Hakki hopes to hear in the next few weeks that the salon will be able to renew its lease and continue operating where it has been for 19 years, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Finally, Mamacita announced on Twitter that it was closing, after less than two years in West Hampstead. The owners have told West Hampstead Life that although they can’t reveal the identity of the new tenant, it should be another independent business.


What would you like to see opening on West End Lane? Over to you in the comments below or on the forum.

  • Ko

    On top of those 3, there are several other shops in the area which have closed down as well.

    Any clue whether this trend is due to trade not being good on existing leases or are landlords jacking up rents or is it a bit of a mix?

  • jessica

    Does anyone know what is happening to the shops on Broadhurst gardens? and when the railway is re-opening?

    • The Railway is due to open in May, the Broadhurst Gdns block where Mario’s was (assume that’s what you’re referring to?) will be redeveloped, but for now the building is being secured as it’s suffering badly from subsidence. The redevelopment is likely to result in a similar structure with retail/eating places on the ground floor.

      • jessica

        It was the Mario’s block. Thanks!

        Do you know if the railway will become more upmarket?

      • Everyone’s been asking that. They’ve been saying it will be much the same, which would make sense – it’s a successful pub. Also the company that owns it doesn’t really have any high-end gastropub brands, so I’m expecting that it won’t change too much. Whether that’s good or bad depends on your perspective! 🙂

      • jessica

        Who owns it?

      • Spirit Pub Company