What have you missed since May 8th?

Don’t know who Kirsty Allan is? Hint – she’s the Liberal Democrat candidate for H&K. We interviewed her.

Gabriella, Nazanin’s two-year old daughter, got her passport back. Richard, Gabriella’s father, will be going to visit (he hasn’t seen her for over a year).

Opera – in West Hampstead!

PoTW 277

Election news…

Protestors challenged the Council on plans to close and sell off The Netherwood Day Centre for people with Alzheimers, and transfer service users to another site. Tulip has swung behind the campaign.

More proposed development for West Hampstead. This time at the Taverner’s site on Iverson Road. Exhibition on Thursday 18th.

A ‘new’ estate agent arrives in West Hampstead. Not so new, as just taking over an existing one.

Tulip has concerns about the new rubbish contract. She is not alone.

Fortune Green 1. New ‘immersive’ gym opening (another one? parking?) – ‘be part of the hype‘.

Fortune Green 2. A helicopter landed, after an accident a nearby building site.

Live over Fordwych way? or interested in a ‘green gym’?  Find out more.

Are the Ballymore cranes finally coming down?

Publication of ‘scores on the doors’ hygiene ratings by Camden, not everyone is 5*.

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