What have you missed since May 15th?

The big news: Hustings on Tuesday at the Sheriff Centre. Doors open at 7:00, starts at 7:30.

Next up in our election 2017 interviews: the Conservative candidate for H&K, Claire-Louise Leyland.

A man was sentenced for ‘disgusting’ violence on his arrest.

Oh West Hampstead, there are few words... What the duck??? Seen by @rlawrence27

Oh West Hampstead, there are few words… What the duck??? Seen by @rlawrence27

Election news

Local Schools have been asking parents for extra funds – including Smartie tubes filled with coins at Emmanuel.

Have we found Ms Eckert?

The improvement of the Black Path continues. Watch out! It will be closed for a couple of days for resurfacing, first this week then again in June.

Fordwych RA held a small but successful Spring Fair.

It’s Chelsea week and there is a local(ish) Chelsea Fringe event at Fenton House, always worth a revisit.

A local(ish) exhibition on 2WW German refugee art was Guardian exhibition of the week.

If you haven’t seen‘Holocaust by Bullets’ at JW3 do go. It is very moving. And this week there is a talk by Philippe Sands.

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.