Will the Fawley Road leak ever be stopped?

If you live on, or walk or drive down Fawley Road then you won’t have failed to notice the leak that’s been spewing water down the street for the past week. It’s not the only one – Achilles Road and West End Lane also have leaks – harking back to the time a few years ago when West Hampstead leaks seemed to be a weekly occurrence.

One man has been on a personal crusade with Thames Water to try and get this one fixed. Here is his story.

Warning: contains a lot of images of water flowing over tarmac.

Fountain floods Fairhazel Gardens

Local ward councillor Don Williams tweeted a spectacular photo this afternoon of a burst main on Fairhazel Gardens. This has, unsurprisingly, affected the water supply of surrounding streets. Lets hope Thames Water is quick on the case before Fairhazel starts to attract the tourists in search of West Hampstead’s own Old Faithful!

Water is already running down to the junction with Compayne Gardens.