What have I missed since December 5th?

While you were throwing paint at the Royal Rolls and wishing Wagner was still in X Factor, what was happening “in da hood” (as we never refer to it)?

Well, not a lot in fact. It was a very quiet week in West Hampstead.

The saga of Kilburn’s Christmas tree continued. The Kilburn Times covered it (obviously), but even the Daily Mail picked up the story (scroll down) although both for the “Glenda no-show” angle rather than the “where is the tree now?” question.

West Hampstead’s inaugural Christmas market was a success.

There was a sighting of the local graffiti fox on the side of Tescos.

The Railway has installed 3DTV and showed its first match this Sunday.

This week sees the Kilburn area Action Group (that’s for those of you in Camden’s Kilburn ward) on Wednesday 15th at the Abbey Hive Community Centre at 7pm
Next Sunday there’s panto at Kingsgate Community Centre. Oh no there isn’t. etc. etc. Details here.

And that’s it… for this week. Told you it was quiet… apart from Tweet of the Week of course.