What have I missed since January 23rd?

While Egyptians rioted because Andy Gray asked Richard Keys to “tap his phone”, what comical misunderstandings were happening in West Hampstead?

The Ham & High reported that neighbourhood watch is alive and twitching in West Hampstead.

Twitter, of course, is a sort of real-time neighbourhood watch, and reported an attempted break-in at the rear of a house opposite the park in Iverson Road.

There were also reports of conmen trying to convince people to part with their gold for pennies.

And of course something in Kilburn caught fire – this time it was the building works around Peacocks on the High Road.

Last week you may remember the link to a Kilburn poem. There’s much more on the Kilburn poetry project here.

Also in Kilburn, a planning application was posted to fundamentally change a large part of Cambridge Avenue.

Two more bits of planning on Mill Lane – one to turn No. 60 (the former site of West Hampstead Community Centre) into flats and a shop and another to change the London Heath Clinic to residential use.

Did you enjoy the West Hampstead Christmas market. Find out how you can get involved with more local markets.

There’s also news on Tesco’s deliveries at the Fortune Green branch and a chance for you to have your say.

More Asian food action than you can shake a chopstick at: Vietnamese restaurant ladudu, due to open where Glo was on West End Lane, is recruiting, while a new sushi restaurant opened in Swiss Cottage.

If you REALLY like West Hampstead’s train stations, this seven (count them) minute video is for you – it actually has a slightly amusing end.

The campaign to save Charteris Sports Centre continues apace. Keep up to date or get involved here (and follow @save_charteris &/or @11streets).

In sports news, once again the West Hampstead Wanderers were beaten, this time 6-3 by the Kilburn Wizards. The scores are getting closer boys.

And racehorse Kilburn finished third in Saturday’s race at Lingfield.

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