What have I missed since June 5th?

What West Hampstead news have you missed while you were sheltering from the rubbish weather?

There was a triple bomb scare on Finchley Road, with the O2 centre, Waitrose, and Marks & Spencer all targeted.

A spectacularly local thunderstorm struck on Friday morning causing an electrical surge as everyone tweeted about it. It had more serious implications, knocking out the electrics at Sidney Boyd Ct and damaging Virgin’s local internet service.

Kilburn Boots had £1,000 worth of No.7 stock lifted on Saturday while the security guard took his lunch break.

There’s more detail on the Crime and Community Safety meeting on June 13th in Camden’s Kilburn ward.

Ladudu is getting closer to full service, and is offering a launch deal on June 20 & 21: two courses and a drink for £10 6:30pm-9:30pm.

West End Lane’s Maya has become Scampa and has applied for an alcohol licence.

Sri Lankan restaurant Elephant Walk is for sale.

The Gallery has joined Twitter (for the second time – but think it might stick around this time). 

Gerrymandering or sensible redrawing of constituency boundaries? Hampstead & Kilburn could be split (p10).

West Hampstead Transition Town kicked off on Monday.

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