What have I missed since July 24th?

As the US teeters towards financial doom, are things any less partisan in NW6?

West Hampstead’s community centre (yes, we have one) is in jeopardy after substantial council funding was withdrawn. 

The play service for Camden kids is also being scaled back

There was a good turnout for the opening of Billy Fury Way.

The local police also got stuck in to a local hostel’s garden.

A Kilburn fast food owner has been fined for dumping waste on the street.

As of Monday, the Jubilee Line will be up from 21 to 27 trains per hour

Local foxes attacked and injured some dogs in a West Hampstead back garden.

Feng Sushi is set to open in West Hampstead in the autumn.

There was a fire at Wood Grill on Saturday night.

West Hampstead Wanderers are top of their league with one match to go.

St John’s Wood tube station has been awarded Grade II listed status.

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