Cooling down with Orange

Get your barometers out whampers!. On the 25th and 26th August, Orange (the phone people) will be driving round London with an ice cream van handing out… well, ice cream. The only real question is which ringtone they’ll use for the van.

Anyway, London is a big place right? And the van is only in town for two days. So, if you want it to come up to these parts then you need to get active.

There are two ways to get them up here:
1) Head over to The Feed and submit NW6 (just the first part of your postcode is required). If the first part of your postcode is NW3 or NW8 then you can damn well afford to buy your own ice cream.
2) Head straight to Twitter and just tweet “NW6” to @OrangeTheFeed along with the hashtag #keepmecool.

The more mentions NW6 gets, the better the chance of Orange taking a turn through the hood (although if they choose Queens Park over West Hampstead there’ll be trouble). Get on it people.

The ice cream will be free, but if it doesn’t satisfy your craving, pop along and give your custom to this Kilburn ice cream van with its, um, ominous jingle.

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