What have I missed since September 5th?

Clearly the main global news this week was Whampgather. So I guess we’ll lead with that.

Thursday saw the SEVENTH edition of local get together know as whampgather. 

West Hampstead was all over the national news this week thanks to squatters who were keeping a pregnant woman out of her home. They moved on, but initially only round the corner.

Netherwood day care centre – reprieved from cuts earlier in the year – is on the chopping block again.

This Monday there’s a meeting with the developers about the 187-199 West End Lane site. Fortune Green cllr Flick Rea wrote a slightly polemical piece about local planning issues earlier in the week.

La Brocca’s 20th anniversary party has been going on all weekend. Earlier in the week, we profiled the owner.

The glass frontage was installed at the new Thameslink station.

Lots of local businesses were interviewed on camera.

The Made in South Kilburn book was released.

A ferret went missing on Thursday, but seemed to have been found later.

Perennial reality TV fave Come Dine With Me is looking for NW londoners.

AITComputers joined Twitter.

Ladudu adopted its new opening hours of 10am-11pm (6pm-11pm on Tuesdays).

This marks the the 1-year anniversary of “What have I missed since…”. A year ago, the news was about weekly rubbish collections and problems at nightclubs on Finchley Road.

Tweet of the week
Despite lots of nice comments about #whampgather, a joke about a hummus shortage, and even anecdotes of a woman riding a mop like a broomstick, we close with the other big story of the week: