Whampgather IX – Summer Sunday

Bring me sunshine, bring me joy, bring me another edition of the local party that everyone loves… bring me #whampgather!

Summer finally seems to have arrived, so I figured it was time for the NINTH installment of #whampgather.

The summer whampgather will be a bit different. The newly-refurbed Black Lion on West End Lane* does a cracking Sunday lunch, and as many of you expressed an interest in joining my own recent Sunday lunch escapades, this seemed like the perfect solution. It’s a Summer Sunday Whampgather! Read the details below, then sign up here.

What’s the deal?
There is room for 50 of us (just 50 – eek) at The Black Lion. We’re going to get a limited menu (with a choice of three starters, four mains, and three desserts – all priced as per the normal menu). In addition, we’ve got 1/3 off Bloody Mary’s (and a discount on house wine by the glass if you’re not a bloody mary fan).

Two important things:
Cost – I’m afraid I need to lock you in for this one, so I need a deposit. It’s a £10 deposit, plus 90p fees (which goes to the ticketing company, not me). You can pay via PayPal. If you really have a problem then e-mail me. The final bill will be calculated per table as at whampreviews, with your deposits knocked off obviously. It’s up to you how you split the bills.

Timing – So that we don’t break the kitchen at The Black Lion on what’s likely to be a busy Sunday for them anyway, we need to be there fairly early (hence the Bloody Mary to kick start the day). The first tables will be seated at midday, the last at about 12.30. I will send everyone a text message with the time you need to be there. Please please please be on time (the pub has really stressed this).

One less important thing:
A bit like at whampreviews, I’ll allocate everyone to a table. We have roughly the front half of the pub just for us – it’s mostly tables for 6, with one table for 8. If you book more than one ticket, let me know if it’s essential that you sit together (bearing in mind that one of the ideas of this is to meet new people.. *hint hint*). Obviously if you want to bring kids that’s more than alright.

For background on previous whampgathers, read this overview.

*Anyone who ends up at The Black Lion on the Kilburn High Road by mistake will be mocked for the rest of their lives.