What have I missed since September 3rd?

Everyone went back to school this week – even though the Paralympics and the weather are there to remind us of the summer. What marked the new term in West Hampstead? Well, actually this week is rather dominated by Kilburn news!

The Guardian reviewed the latest exhibition at Kilburn’s Tin Tabernacle.

HungryInLondon reviewed Ariana – and liked what it found.

A water main burst on the North Circular causing traffic chaos throughout the area.

Zadie Smith is all over the media at the moment, and all over Kilburn.

I wrote about two different videos about Kilburn.

The Kilburn Grand Tour announced its programme.

The Kilburn Comedy Festival started Friday.

Brent residents can now get England tickets at Wembley Stadium for £20 (£10 for kids). Show a bill proving your Brent residency at Wembley box office (max 8 per household).

It’s the end of the line for the old-style Met Line trains.

A Silence of the Lambs supper club screening is this week’s local Film of the Week.

Coming up
West Hampstead Community Centre has its AGM on Monday 6pm-7.30pm. Come and hear about the future of your community centre (there’s cheese and wine!)

On Tuesday, George Orwell’s son, Richard Blair, will be reading at West End Lane Books, as part of the unveiling of a green plaque for Orwell. Please book ahead for the 4.30pm reading.

Tweet and Photo of the Week.
Stiff competition this week. The Farmers’ Market cow being milked was a close runner up, but in the end the award goes to Tom.