Previously, on Camden Council

Camden is one of the more progressive councils when it comes to transparency, with webcasts of council chamber meetings and a tolerant attitude to visitors in the gallery taking photos or filming on their phones.

However, even Camden has some way to go when it comes to capturing viewers’ imagination. It needs to look at Whitehorse in the Yukon. The territorial capital has just 10% of Camden’s population (though covers an area 20 times larger) but has a trailer for its council meetings that’s (almost) worthy of The Wire.

Mayor of Camden, or a still from the Sopranos?

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  • Utterly brilliant – it must be shown to Eric Pickles. See also our round up of the ludicrus council filming shenanigans

  • HBO, eat your heart out!

  • Des

    Why can't we have all council meetings videoed or livestreamed? What have they got to hide?

  • I popped into the US Senate on Wednesday (as you do) and I saw a vote and then Senator John McCain (you know: the one who chose Sarah Palin as a running mate) came in objected to the next agenda item, and walked out again – all 100 senators (nearly) were there!

    (If you are a foreigner in town you can get in without an invitation on the spot – I was waiting for just 15 minutes!)