What have I missed since August 19th?

Two women were shot, one fatally, on Kilburn High Road in the early hours of Saturday morning. Two arrests have been made, but police are still appealing for witnesses. It appears the two victims were “in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

Sabrina Moss, who died
after being shot in Kilburn

Waitrose is moving to West Hampstead… but into which building?

Will that satisfy the constant craving for a butcher?

A quick poll on where you get your meat from showed two-thirds buy from supermarkets in person, and 11 percent use a high street butcher already.

Rubbish and recycling problems persist as do water supply problems. It’s time to see some action from Camden on both issues, including fly tipping.

A minor flood delayed the West End Lane sewer repair works, but they did eventually conclude this week… until the next time.

A man was jailed for handling card skimming devices used to steal bank details at West Hampstead tube station.

Don’t forget it’s #whampbooks this Thursday evening. Free wine and 20% of all stock.

West Hampstead got away marginally better than Kilburn in this synaesthesia tube map.

It’s the last few days to name the seven West Hamsptead Square tower blocks (hint: we’ve already had two submissions of the names of the seven dwarves).

In other Ballymore news, is it possible to save any of the trees on the construction site?

Check out all the new film releases and full listings for local cinemas.

There are plenty more events planned for Kilburn Grange’s centenary celebrations.

There’ll be an open morning for the 1 Mill Lane nature site on Sat 14th September.

Tweet of the Week

Heard a loud animalish noise outside and immediately thought it was a bear. Probably not since this is West Hampstead.
— Kate Ward (@kateward10) August 20, 2013

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  • Anonymous

    Regarding “fly tipping”, as you call it: my family have lived around here since 1985. We’re not going to stop leaving stuff out now.

    I’m genuinely glad to see some of the area’s more recent residents getting into their gardening etc. It’s a good thing. But they really do need to accept that the people who’ve lived here for decades are going to carry on doing things the way we’ve always done them. If they don’t like that, if they don’t like us, the solution isn’t for the council to do something (don’t kid yourselves), it’s for them to move to a more yuppie-friendly area.

    Long story short: more gardening, less middle class cultural policing, and we can all rub along together. Okay?

    • I rather like the "more gardening, less middle class cultural policing" line, but this idea (which definitely cuts across class lines in the area) that being a long-term resident conveys extra rights is frankly bizarre and does nothing at all to help everyone rub along together.

    • As usual, Jonathan put it politely, so, in case you missed the point – you are talking a load of utter nonsense.

      I have lived around here since 1980 and I do not want you to dump rubbish – so, as I have lived here longer than you and your family I win the argument and you have to stop doing it.

      If you don’t like it then move to a more chavvy area – it will suit you much better and you can crap on your own doorstep as much as you want – just not here.