Waitrose’s “long-standing ambition”

Waitrose has finally issued a press release about its probable West Hampstead opening on the Pizza Express site. Assuming it clears the planning hurdles, the John Lewis Partnership, which owns Waitrose, expects to create up to 50 new jobs, with all employees becoming partners.

Waitrose Director of Development, Nigel Keen, said:

When the the unit became available, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to realise a long-standing ambition to open a shop in West Hampstead and add the Waitrose brand to an already impressive collection of independent shops and established high street chains. We would welcome the chance to open here and play our part in ensuring it remains a vibrant village which continues to attract visitors.

Just that pesky planning permission to get now – and already a few locals are starting to grumble about the noise of deliveries. Hard to see it being enough to stop the deal being done. Waitrose says in its release that it plans to open early next year.

  • Anonymous

    Could you pls attach link to the press release? can't seem to find it on waitrose's pr website.

  • Anonymous

    Can Pizza Express be persuaded to take on a new restaurant nearby? West Hampstead could do with some decent zoning, so that (for example) we don't have a dry cleaner's or second hand clothes shop with a wasted forecourt in front.

    • The obvious site for Pizza Express would be the old Me Love Sushi site, which is large. I know a lot of people would be sad to see it leave WH altogether. Not sure what you mean by "zoning"? Premises have a use classification, but they are quite broad so hard to dictate what goees where within those categories.

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone clarify how having 5 (yes 5-count them) charity shops and at least 5 hairdressers- some for male and some for females- along with one or two empty shops quantified the term 'specality shops'?