What have you missed since May 30th?

There was another terrorist attack. Some local Labour activists were at Borough Market, but all safe thank goodness.

It’s election day on Thursday. Our final interview for H&K 2017: Tulip Siddiq.

(And in case you haven’t read them; here are the interviews with Claire-Louise Leyland (Conservative), Kirsty Allan (Lib Dem) and John Mansook (Green)).

If you want a break from politics our historians focused on West Hampstead’s pioneering society photographer (she inspired Cecil Beaton no less).

Local actors and cricket fans Jim Carter and Michael Simkins were on Radio 4 on Saturday telling the story about the Hollywood cricket club.

You know the 'hood is out of control when the Bridge Cafe starts charging £500 for breakfast! ? says @bkgpeters

You know the ‘hood is out of control when the Bridge Cafe starts charging £500 for breakfast! ? says @bkgpeters.

Election news

  • The campaign for H&K was profiled in the Evening Standard. In the print edition Claire-Louise Leyland got the bigger picture. Online it’s Tulip.
  • The only hustings of the campaign in H&K was held at the Granville Centre in South Kilburn. One of the main issues discussed was how to tackle terrorism.
  • Lib Dem silk Phillipe Sands QC endorsed Tulip over her stance on Article 50.
  • The election odds have narrowed considerably, with the Conservatives as (slight) favourites.
  • But Lord Ashcroft, the Conservative pollster, has a 61% chance of Tulip surviving next week (depending on youth turnout).
  • YouGov admittedly in their outlier poll called the seat for …
  • Who knew? Cllr @olivercooper is a Tory ‘wet’.
  • The Standard thought the improvement in the polls might help local Mike Katz standing for Labour in Hendon.
  • Nazanin was denied her right to vote in this election

Local improvements 1. The Black Path is being resurfaced so it is closed (but will be open on election day)

Local improvements 2. The tube station is getting an extra entrance gate.

UCS is moving mountains, literally, in renovating its sports fields.

If you live in or around Fordwych Road, please fill in this survey.

A top London restaurant blogger went to Summers (and he liked it).

Recall our article about 1 Woodchurch Road? Well for £2.5million (for a flat!) you can join them.

Flick Rea is having her portrait painted this week! And you can go along and watch.

An early review of the new Diane Keaton rom-com ‘Hampstead’.

The ENO opera on Broadhurst Gardens was really good. And pretty much sold out, but a few tickets left.

Tweet of the week

(In fact in Paris people leave shoes on the street for others to take.  Seriously.)