What’s on offer?

Coming to #whampgather tonight? You’re in for a treat. Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect.

First you’ll meet Freddie on the door. Be nice to him, he’s a lot bigger than you are. Give him your ticket (&/or name) and let him stamp your hand with a “#” stamp. Boom. You’re in.

You probably want a drink. Well, the Priory Tavern has devised a few bespoke cocktails to help us to blow away the New Year blues.

  • Kilburn Mist: Jameson’s Irish Whiskey, house vanilla syrup, large lemon twist (it’s still a bit chilly, whiskey to warm the cockles). [We had these at #whampgather VII – I’ll be on them all night]
  • Louisiana Jam: Southern Comfort, apricot jam, lemon & apple juices and fresh mint (January blues? Southern delta blues more like!)
  • Dark’n’Stormy: Gosling’s Bermuda Rum, fresh lime, Angostura Bitters, ginger beer (go missing in your own Bermuda Triangle…)
  • Blue Note Collins: Bombay Sapphire, fresh lemon, elderflower cordial, soda (fresh & floral, because spring is just around the corner!)
  • Straight Up’n’Chaser: One “Reverse Martini” Shot and a Tiger (beer) to chase (the only time Tiger hunting is acceptable.)

Not a cocktail person? Fair enough – the blues is more raw, right? Tiger beer is £3 a bottle, as is a glass of house wine. And of course the Priory’s frankly astonishing array of spirits and other drinks is available as per usual – just ask Merlin, Lucile, Danny, Casey or Richard for a little bit of what you fancy.

So, the band (the Dave Mitchell Blues Band – no, not that Dave Mitchell – sorry) is playing, the joint is jumping, you’ve got a Louisiana Jam in one hand and a gorgeous fella/gal/plant pot in the other… feeling peckish? The Priory’s even changed its menu for us. Hell yeah.

There are bar snacks, from chicken wings to that southern soul food classic hoummous!
There are mains from Cajun chicken & chorizo jambalaya to the 3/4lb #Whampgather burger.
There are desserts from warm pear & apple tart to Cornish Yarg & Cranberry Wensleydale.

In other words, there’s food – more than I’ve listed here.

Between and after the band, none other than DJ Stoney (aka @Swiss_Cottage) will be providing the tunes. He’s a DJ who actually likes taking requests! Then at around 10.15ish there’s the award for Tweet of the Year, and then it’s time for T H E   R A F F L E.

So, we all know the raffle is for a good cause – and it really is. The Winch needs your cash, but also your time and on the night you’ll be able to find out more about how you might be able to help. But we have some amazing prizes to win. You do have to be present to claim your prize I’m afraid. Absentee ticketholders means a redraw! But why would you want to leave?! Here’s what’s on offer.

If that’s not worth digging a little deeper into your pockets for – especially when every penny goes to a good cause – then you have no soul. Nicky and Brad – the raffle ticket sellers on the night – will even come to you. It couldn’t be easier to relieve you of cash. If you buy 17 tickets you could win everything – although you may not get out of the pub alive.

See you all later.