Tom’s in breakfast heaven

I managed to find an excuse for a couple of West Hampstead breakfasts on a recent weekend and thought I’d briefly compare the merits of two friendly NW6 favourites.

First up, The Kitchen Table, and a nicely presented breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, baked beans and field mushrooms. The ‘Table has quite a reputation, and this was evident in the usual throng of customers. I enjoyed a satisfying plate which eased my hangover considerably; eggs folded rather than all-out scrambled, which I like, and slightly spicy beans in their own little pot. Toast, via excellent bread, was served on the side, so you could choose which elements to pile on. Breakfast should be fun, after all!

Alternatively, how about a bite in Love Food – a venue always full of warm vibes and character? I’ve been fond of their lovely crêpes for some time but, on this occasion, I grabbed an omelette with toast, plus crumpets (it sounds rather a lot, and happily, indeed it was!) Again, the toast on the side and again, very nicely cooked eggs – this was a fine omelette. They were also accommodating of Miss Fussy Spoon’s somewhat customised order (thank goodness for that!) and, even more importantly, Marmite was available.

If I had to choose which venue would come out on top for a hearty start to the day in the neighbourhood… Well, in true Masterchef “can’t pick a winner – so you both go through” mode – why not both? After all, by the time you’ve walked to LoveFood from The Kitchen Table, you’ll definitely have earned your second breakfast of the day! So grab a newspaper, settle in, and enjoy a good, long breakfast, or two, West Hampstead style.

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