Disco Soup: Tackling food waste through, er, dance

Disco Soup, according to local organiser Thomas Fassnacht, is a “global movement tackling food waste with free festive culinary events.” Sounds bizarre, but it’s actually a innovative way to get people both thinking about and acting on what is becoming a major global issue. And now you can get invoved in West Hampstead.

According to Thomas, a third of the food produced in England goes to waste. Disco Soup tries to do something about this. The idea is that markets and supermarkets give fruit and vegetables that would otherwise be discarded. This could be due to superficial imperfections, a wrong order, or wrong best before dates.

Disco Soup participants, armed with some chopping boards and peelers, then prep the food, which cooks then turn into lovely dishes. Musicians and DJ keep the beats going during the chopping, and then continue the entertainment after dinner.

Disco Soup London 1

London’s Disco Soup in January. Photo: Thomas Fassnacht

Disco Soup London 2

Photo: Thomas Fassnacht

The 6th London Disco Soup will be held at 6pm on Monday April 13th, at the Mazenod Social Club on Mazenod Avenue. Everyone’s welcome, and the organisers ask that you bring your own peeler and chopping board if possible.

Find out more via Facebook and this Time Out article.