Will the Fawley Road leak ever be stopped?

If you live on, or walk or drive down Fawley Road then you won’t have failed to notice the leak that’s been spewing water down the street for the past week. It’s not the only one – Achilles Road and West End Lane also have leaks – harking back to the time a few years ago when West Hampstead leaks seemed to be a weekly occurrence.

One man has been on a personal crusade with Thames Water to try and get this one fixed. Here is his story.

Warning: contains a lot of images of water flowing over tarmac.

Balcony fall kills West Hampstead doctor who ran local Face Clinic

On Wednesday evening, locals were shocked as Dr Nazim Mahmood lay on the pavement outside Barclays Bank at the corner of West End Lane and Fawley Road having fallen from the balcony of his top floor apartment above.

Depsite the best efforts of ambulance crews, Dr Mahmood, 34, was pronounced dead at the scene by a doctor from the London Air Ambulance. Police came under fire for being unable to find a tent to put around the body, which was instead covered in a blanket and lay there for some hours before being removed as commuters walked past during the late evening rush hour.

Dr Mahmood – known to locals as Dr Nas – had opened a new branch of his Face Clinic business last August at Health Town, the relatively new West End Lane shop a few yards down the road that both sells health-related products as well as offering treatments from a variety of practictioners.

He and his partner, Matthew Ogston, and only moved to West Hampstead a few months ago and the clinic in Health Town was their third after branches in Soho and Harley Street.

Although the cause of death has not been determined, police are treating it as non-suspicious. Local osteopath Ben Posen, who also operates out of Health Town tweeted earlier today, “Very sad to return to work and discover that the man who died on West End Lane was Dr Nas. He was a lovely man.”

Nazim Mahmood

[CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article said that the the West Hampstead clinic was yet to open. This was wrong, and West Hampstead Life apologises for the mistake]

Bin there, dump that

No question what the story of the week has been in West Hampstead. For once, I was scooped by the local press and wondered why the Camden New Journal was exhorting me to to turn to page 3.

The answer: Bin Cam.

You can read the full story, or go straight to the Bin Cam website, where William Robertson posts (very) frequent photos and videos of the Camden council bin that sits on Fawley Road by the side of Sainsbury’s.

Robertson had got fed up of people fly-tipping around the bin, so has decided to keep a record of the comings and goings on the street. Inevitably this means capturing all sorts of other incidents, such as a woman falling over, and a man taking a leak. 

My personal favourite part of the site is the BinCon level widget (based on the US military’s Defcon settings).

The serious idea behind all this is to show Camden that it might want to increase the frequency of emptying the bin. It will be interesting to see if it works.