What have I missed since October 10?

While you were trying to get to sleep by counting rescued Chilean miners, and following a day in the life of the Greater Manchester Police, what was happening in NW6?

Two road accidents in two days – in the same place? A Domino’s delivery guy was lying in the road on Friday night after apparently having been knocked off his scooter by a taxi outside Tesco’s on West End Lane. Then on Saturday night a car collided with a pedestrian at the same spot. It seems no-one was seriously hurt.

Talking of Domino’s, Tuesday night was Pizza Tasting night.
There was more food reviewing when we visited Small & Beautiful in Kilburn.

Talking of Kilburn, You can sign up for circuit training in Kilburn every Thursday (off Willesden Lane).
The fantastic kids adventure playground in Kilburn Grange Park has won an award.

Talking of awards, the first Kilburn Historic Plaque was unveiled on Monday in honour of A.A.Milne.

Talking of Pooh… A revised planning application has been submitted for the new Thameslink station, dashing hopes that this will be built any time soon.
Jubilee Line closures are now expected to run until March 2011. I’m proposing a day-long pub crawl along the length of the line to celebrate.

Talking of drinking, problem bar 3one7 has received a one-month licence suspension.
Meanwhile, the Legacy Club in Swiss Cottage continues to cause headaches for local residents.

Talking of Swiss Cottage, here’s my review of Enlightenment, the play at the Hampstead Theatre.
And my review of The Saloon Singer at New End Theatre in Hampstead.

Talking of enlightening, sadly it looks like no Alexandra Palace fireworks this year.
We’ll have to go to Roundwood Park instead.

Talking of fire, West Hampstead had a fire engine removed in anticipation of the forthcoming strike over shift changes.

Talking of changing hours, Karahi Master wants to extend its closing time from 2am to 5am.

Talking of late night revelry, the opening night of OxjamKilburn’s four-day comedy festival was, er, interesting.

Talking of comedy, is anyone really going to pay £1.5m for one of the houses in Gondar Gardens?
That is, if they ever get built.

Talking of terrible headlines, fancy volunteering for a West Hampstead Christmas Fair?

And finally, talking of things in the future, what’s coming up this week?
Art-Boutique-Café SenseS opens on Monday.
There’s a great Amnesty event at The Good Ship on Tuesday.
On Wednesday, the LJCC hosts a talk on Securing the State.
It’s Get Online Week in Camden, with a wide range of workshops.
And on Saturday, OxjamKilburn Takeover hits Kilburn.

Tweet of the week

Unashamed local boosterism from @ClaytonTFord.