What have I missed since March 6th?

Although most of the world’s attention was focused overseas this week, here in NW London Arsenal were losers and Spurs were winners. But what happened in West Hampstead?

There are still only fairly limited details being released about last weekend’s sword attack (which came exactly a year after a man was arrested with swords on Finchley Road)

The Sainsbury’s Local finally opened. You all had lots to say about it on Twitter.
Atlanta Food & Wine is closing however, with a strong rumour that Caffé Nero will take its place. How much pressure will that put on Sirous’s daytime trade and Moment?

Lite (formerly known as Le Petit Coin) has closed its doors.

I blogged about library closures.

The Iverson Road pavement by the new Thameslink station is going to be really wide.

There’s a new West Hamsptead Gardens residents association covering Hemstal, Hilltop, Kylemore, Gladys, Sherriff, Lowfield and bits of West End Lane.

The Swiss Cottage Odeon is closing for a refit on March 17th and reopening in the summer. Should you go to the New End Theatre to see 74 Georgia Avenue instead?

Kingsgate Communirty Centre is offering ballet classes over Easter  and is definitely not closing.

Explore Learning has opened a new tuition centre in West Hampstead.

West Hampstead women’s centre needs a manager.

And the Wanderers lost to the Wizards.

Tweet of the Week
There can be only one contender in what was, frankly, a slow week. Up your game people!