Sainsbury’s Local gets West Hampstead over excited

As everyone knows, because the sign is so brightly lit that aircraft are now using it as a navigation device, a new Sainsbury’s Local opened on West End Lane on Friday where Best One used to be.

It’s fair to say that this caused a fair amount of Twitter traffic. The story unfolds below

Congratulations to Richard, who took the first photo from inside the store

[let me know if you like this format of showing tweets/telling stories]

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  • Yes, we did become a tad over-excited. Obviously it ought to be less cramped than Tesco given the extra floor-space available but why are there not palpably more goods on offer? It’s rather dingy too & staff are less friendly than Tesco in my opinion.

    The counter-snobish iconoclast in me desires a Morrisons or Asda to shake Whamp out of its middle-class malaise. (Maybe even a Lidl, but I’m yet to visit an example 🙂 ).

  • Ana


  • I really like the twitter snips telling the story- Is it a simple process to get the tweets on your blog? Anyway, it made me laugh

  • TheLargestBear

    How can people say that the arrival of Sainsbury’s brings much the same as the two existing Tescos? They use completely different packaging to start with. Some of the ready meal cardboard sleeves are first rate and have some very nice food pictures on them. In some cases they even use spot UV printing techniques. The cellophane around the individually wrapped undersized peppers magnifies the veg to make it look almost normal size and is probably better quality plasic than Tesco. They also sell food. We bought some steak which was beautifully infused with about half its’ weight in water and the nitrate marinaded bacon is to die from.

    All in all I am thoroughly excited about the new Sainsbury’s as having to walk more than 50ft for my low grade carbs was becoming a real hassle.