Whampreview – December 8th, Ladudu

On December 8th, the next whampreview takes place at Ladudu – the popular Vietnamese restaurant on West End Lane opposite the Iverson Rd junction. We’re looking to take around 20 people for an 8pm seating. We’ll be trying out the restaurant’s Christmas menu. This hasn’t been finalised yet, but there’ll be a platter of appetisers, two savoury courses and a dessert course for £25 (£20 if you’d like the vegetarian option). Ladudu will throw in some prawn crackers and tea as well, other drinks will be extra.

As usual, if the event is oversubscribed then names will be drawn out of a hat this Thursday morning.

Whampreview basics: we’ll meet beforehand for a drink and, during the evening, Tom and I  will note down comments about the food/service/value etc., which will go into the write-up. The evening is really more about meeting people though rather than being ultra-critical about restaurants. The bill is split equally unless there’s been a large discrepancy in consumption. Any questions, just ask, or check the FAQs.

To put your name forward, simply mail or tweet me @WHampstead before the end of day this Wednesday. If your name is picked, I will need a mobile number and active e-mail address from you. Please don’t commit to this on the offchance – we’re making a reservation for a large group at the restaurant, so it’s not fair on them if we suddenly have lots of dropouts.

Of course, there are always one or two genuine last-minute dropouts, so even if you’re unlucky, I may come back to you at short notice to see if you’re still interested.

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  • Our meal last night at Ladudu was lovely and beautifully presented so you’ll have a great evening.

    The prawns in the papaya salad were a bit ordinary but the delicate flavours and crunchy texture in the salad were divine and have me salivating thinking about it even now. My partner’s baby calimari stuffed with minced pork and prawns (four on a skewer) with little nibbly bits of rice noodles and salady stuff were “a top starter”.

    I had the pork chops (two) with a fried egg — lovely broken into the rice. It also came with the most delicious fish cakes that could be a starter on their own (I hope the owners add this to the starter menu). The pork chops were tender and lightly spiced but not as tasty as the marinated pork at the Banana Tree which we usually have as a shared starter. Lovely companion’s marinaded pork skewers on noodles were nicely spicy.

    For dessert, he enjoyed his pear cake (a spongy upside-down cake) with lychee ice-cream. I had the crepes (two) stuffed with actual coconut meat, not the desiccated packet stuff you make cakes with. My roasted sesame seed ice-cream could have done with a bit more flavour whereas the lychee had a nice subtle fruity kick.

    He says beer drinkers should note that the flavour of the Hanoi is better than the Saigon.

    Portions are generous and don’t leave you starving at the end of the meal. Bill came to £45 including two beers and an Aspall’s cider.